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National Landscape Submission Flinders ranges 28 may final

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Communication Plan – Flinders NL (2)

Final EDS

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Outcome Report

If you want to understand more about the National Landscapes program and read about what is happening in other National Landscapes.

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Draft Flinders Ranges National Landscape Experience Development Strategy (EDS)

For your input and comment. After extensive consultation, discussion and professional input, the draft EDS has been prepared for the Flinders Ranges tourism industry and community to have their input.The EDS is a succinct strategy that focuses on ways to deliver the Flinders Ranges National Landscape brand position to the Experience Seeker market. It is not a general tourism plan for the region.By identifying the best potential experiences that can be developed and promoted for this specific market, opportunities for all business in the region could be improved over the next 5 to 10 years.

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Historical Documents

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What are National Landscapes?

National Landscapes are the best of Australia’s nature and culture – inspirational places like Australia’s Red Centre, the Great Ocean Road, Australia’s Wilderness Coast, Kakadu, the Kimberley ….. and the Flinders Ranges.

Tourism Australia and Parks Australia are working with each State to showcase these areas to Australia’s Global Experience Seekers – travellers keen to experience new adventures and destinations unique to Australia.

What does it mean for the Flinders Ranges?

The National Landscapes program will identify and support the best experiences that the Flinders Ranges have to offer. That could include marketing and branding, making improvements to existing attractions and tours, specialised training and business development.

Brand Implementation

The opportunities for implementing the Flinders Ranges brand are exciting and endless. The region that has the courage to unite and to communicate specifically to their ideal visitor market will be the region that is heard and achieves cut-through in a cluttered, bland, generic marketing environment.

So how do we do this?

The Flinders region now needs to prepare an Experience Development Strategy (EDS). This will provide a blue print for developing and improving experiences that meet the needs of Experience Seekers.

Major considerations in planning for the Flinders Ranges as a National Landscape are:

  • Effective consultation and communication aimed at developing public and private sector and indigenous ownership of the EDS;
  • Realistic assessment of the current and potential experiences that can best position the Flinders as a destination, where these are delivered or best delivered, and the challenges to be overcome to achieve these;
  • Identifying journeys that work  in terms of the trip cycle, travel logistics and accommodation, provision of information and interpretation, and presentation of themes and authentic experiences that encapsulate the distinctive qualities of the region and its people;
  • Ensuring on-going quality visitor experiences are provided;
  • A realistic strategy for EDS implementation, including priority actions and workable cooperative management and accountabilities.

The experiences will be complemented with stories that can be used to communicate with the consumer and create the connection that will encourage them to see the Flinders as a place to visit over and above other destinations in Australia and beyond. Central concepts in delivering the EDS will include:

  • environmental sustainability;
  • cultural and social appropriateness;
  • economic viability;
  • cooperative management between traditional owners, the tourism industry, conservation sector and government stakeholders.





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