National Landscapes Experience Development Grant

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Latest News

Phase 2 of the grant was launched at the workshops on 28-29 November in Jamestown and Hawker. This Phase gives us the chance to provide assistance to businesses wanting to enter tourism and existing tourism operators willing and able to strengthen the experiences they provide of the Flinders Ranges National Landscape. It is open to all – and attendance at the workshops is not a pre-requisite.

It will support ideas that significantly alter existing visitor experiences or develop new experiences that deliver to the core competitive advantages that Flinders Ranges operators have already identified as National Landscape hero experiences ‘Up close with an Ancient landscape’ and ‘Connecting with people in the Outback’ and aimed at catalytic product namely geotourism, adventure tourism, aerial experiences and journeys.
Other ideas may well be able to be supported through existing programs too.

The team for assessment consists of both our RDAs (Stephen Schwer and Debi Myles and Troy Grover) in conjunction with Shaun De Bruyn from SATC and the consultant team of Ross Corbett and Claire Ellis.

Upcoming Webinars

A Follow up from the Big Dave Flinders Ranges Workshop on Finding Business Opportunities
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WEBINAR 2 – WED FEB 27 at 11am (SA) – DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN & FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY – Planning to turn Your Ideas into Reality, Understanding the Numbers and Developing Systems to Consistently Deliver on Your Promises.
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WEBINAR 3 – WED MAR 13 at 11am (SA) –  BEING A WORLD-CLASS EXPERIENCE AND GETTING FAMOUS FAST – How to get your Message into the Marketplace by creating Raving Fans and Harnessing the Internet.
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Past Events


The Flinders Ranges National Landscape Operator Up-skilling Program launch on Monday 5 Nov at Ticklebelly Hill, followed by the first ever regional event of SATIC’s Talking Tourism went extremely well.
‘Big Dave’ our key speaker spoke to us on practical proven business tips, motivating us to implement a few small changes in our businesses to give the best possible customer service, and to grow business by attracting new markets during non-peak times. Copies of the presentations are available here DAVE 1 – 5 Nov – OPP FOR SUCCESS and here DAVE 2 – 5 nov – DAVE STORY – BRANDING

Want a quick reminder of the Big Dave tips – link here DAVE 3 – 5 nov- FINDING OPPORTUNITIES

Photos of the function can be seen on the “Flinders Ranges Australia” Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined this group yet make sure you do as information about upcoming events and workshops will be posted frequently.


The “Growing your Business” workshop with ‘Big Dave’ was held in Jamestown on the 28th November and in Hawker on the 29th – free of charge. The same workshop was run twice – once in Jamestown and once in Hawker – hopefully making it easier for more people to attend. They were well received with around 70 people in total attending.

At the workshops ‘Big Dave’ worked with us to apply the concepts he talked about on the 5th Nov to our own businesses. In addition, Big Dave’s workshops were designed to help people with a new idea or a current visitor experience/ product they wanted to improve – to shift the idea out of our heads and into the planning phase. Some of these ideas or improvements will be able to be supported in Phase 2 of this Program (see Latest News).

These workshops were open to all, tourism and non-tourism operators and interested parties. As we know many people interact with our visitors to the region (supermarkets, petrol stations, cafes, museums etc) and the tools ‘Big Dave’ ran us through helped any business improve its bottom line.

Photos of the function can be seen on the “Flinders Ranges Australia” Facebook Group.

In addition to the workshops, the SATC briefed operators on what they have been doing over the last 12 months since the Destination Action Plan (DAP) for the Flinders Ranges was released.



The Flinders Ranges – Operator Up-skilling Program is one of 16 projects to be co-funded under a $1 million STIG Program. The Australia-wide Program runs from 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2013.

Our Program comes direct from the actions in The Flinders Ranges Experience Development Strategy. The Flinders Ranges Program has an initial phase, the Idea stimulation phase, and this is currently underway. This leads to Phase 2 with two core components, the Experience Acceleration Program and the Experience Development Program that will be run from March – Dec 2013.

A local Project Control Group has been established to oversee the day to day management of the project and has the following representatives:

  • Chair FROSAT and FRNLPMC, Julie Smith
  • FRTOA Rep, Nat Munns
  • SFRTA, Stephen Schwer
  • RDAFN, Troy Grover
  • SATC, Shaun De Bruyn
  • Project Manager, Consulting Consortium, Claire Ellis
  • Consulting Consortium – TRC Tourism, Ross Corbett

The Grant has been funded by the Australian Government, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism and local partners: SATC, RDA Far North, and Southern Flinders Regional Tourism Authority.

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