Flinders Ranges Logo

We encourage as many businesses as possible to use this logo. Members and non-members, tourism or non-tourism, it doesn’t matter. It is intended to assist FRTOA in developing a recognisable Flinders Ranges brand and assist us to monitor its use.

We ask that you please complete the Flinders Ranges Trade Mark License Conditions of Use.  Please return your signed Agreement by email to info@frtoa.com.au or post to FRTOA, PO Box 11, Blinman, 5730. You will receive a completed document and you are then free to use this logo. Down load the logo pack and use the appropriate size logo.

The Agreement document may be downloaded here – Flinders Ranges Trade Mark License Conditions of Use – PDF (91kb).
The logos have been formatted to different sizes and are available by downloading the file here: Logo Pack – zip (660kB)



Brand Implementation

The opportunities for implementing the Flinders Ranges brand are exciting and endless. The region that has the courage to unite and to communicate specifically to their ideal visitor market will be the region that is heard and achieves cut-through in a cluttered, bland, generic marketing environment.

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